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Re: Draft vote on constitutional issues

On Tue, 2009-05-12 at 20:09 +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> > Either Social Contract section one and the DFSG prohibit the
> > distribution of a non-free blob in the release, or they do not.
> This 'in the release' is bogus, I guess you mean in 'main'?

Debian is only free software.  Non-free is distributed by Debian, but it
is not part of Debian.  By "in the release" I mean the released versions
of Debian (which includes only main and optional).  

> > If they prohibit it, then it is an override to distribute
> > notwithstanding the prohibition.
> >
> > If they do not prohibit it, then no resolution is necessary.
> > 
> > You seem to say an inconsistent thing: that they do prohibit it, and we
> > can avoid that prohibition by calling it a "practical consensus" instead
> > of an "override".  Surely, however, it is the effect that matters, and
> > not the label you give it.
> Well that's the thing with goals, they are not strict rules, but we do
> try to reach them (though not at all cost) ...

Perhaps you should propose an amendment to our Social Contract, which
speaks not of goals and aims, but of promises.  Indeed, the point behind
the language of *contract* is that these are not merely goals, but firm
promises.  You presumably would support an amendment to section one of
the social contract, changing it from a promise into a statement of a
goal.  But such an amendment has not yet been passed, and your clear
declaration that you are not willing abide by the social contract as
written is troubling.


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