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Re: Twittering on planet.d.o?

On Tuesday 07 April 2009, Luk Claes wrote:
> > These messages have already started to annoy me as
> > a) there are relatively a lot of them
> There are only a few per day maximum from me. If there were more that
> reached you today it's probably because it contained the whole feed up
> to now.

I ignored the initial dump due to the addition of the feed of course.
I'm mainly talking about the two you posted after you added the feed: 
19:51 and 19:53. If that's the kind of thing we can expect, I really 
think it's inappropriate.

Planet would very soon become totally unreadable if everyone (or even just 
a few active people) would start microblogging for e.g. ever package 
upload or he does. And that _is_ the level at which you are doing your 

I suggest you remove the feed until there is some kind of proper support 
specifically for microblogging as suggested in other replies.


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