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Twittering on planet.d.o?

(Luk BCCed to make sure he sees the thread.)

It appears that today either Luk himself or someone else added a "Status" 
feed to planet.d.o with one-liner info messages about what Luk's up to.

These messages have already started to annoy me as
a) there are relatively a lot of them
b) they don't really provide any information, or at least no context
c) they are very simply not blog posts

Although sending out such messages may be interesting to some, I also do 
not think they can be a replacement for proper announcements of changes 
in services or whatever. We have proper, official communication channels 
for that. (But that may not be the intention anyway.)

Although I don't use Twitter myself, I understand that's a service that 
has been set up for such messages.
Personally I'd like to see planet.d.o remain a pure blog aggregator. If 
people want to start a Debian twit service/channel/whatever, that's of 
course fine, but let's not mix dissimilar things in one service.

Luk: what do you think yourself?

What do others think?


Some examples:

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