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Re: Twittering on planet.d.o?

Frans Pop wrote:
> (Luk BCCed to make sure he sees the thread.)

No need, I read -project.

> It appears that today either Luk himself or someone else added a "Status" 
> feed to planet.d.o with one-liner info messages about what Luk's up to.

I did that.

> These messages have already started to annoy me as
> a) there are relatively a lot of them

There are only a few per day maximum from me. If there were more that
reached you today it's probably because it contained the whole feed up
to now.

> b) they don't really provide any information, or at least no context
> c) they are very simply not blog posts

They are indeed no genuine blog posts, it are microblogging posts.

> Although sending out such messages may be interesting to some, I also do 
> not think they can be a replacement for proper announcements of changes 
> in services or whatever. We have proper, official communication channels 
> for that. (But that may not be the intention anyway.)

They are not meant as proper announcements as there should not be any
proper announcement on a blog (unless it's a copy of something on the
lists) IMHO.

> Although I don't use Twitter myself, I understand that's a service that 
> has been set up for such messages.

I don't use Twitter btw as that is closed and the company behind it
decides whatever it wants, I use an open variant called identi.ca

> Personally I'd like to see planet.d.o remain a pure blog aggregator. If 
> people want to start a Debian twit service/channel/whatever, that's of 
> course fine, but let's not mix dissimilar things in one service.

Well I don't intend to tweet extensively, but only as a replacement for
real blogging as I'm not up to writing long blog posts.

> Luk: what do you think yourself?

I think having a very limited amount of tweets from people that do not
write long blog posts is ok, though if it's not appreciated I'll remove
my feed.



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