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New contact address for the wanna-build team, and other bits


As previously mentioned, the wanna-build team has been looking into
moving to a public role address instead of a private alias. We now have
a list on lists.debian.org for this purpose:


This address should be used in preference over the old alias for any
communication with us that doesn’t require privacy (you can still use
wb-team@buildd.debian.org in that case).

This list is a role address, but will also host discussions related to
the buildd infrastructure. For example, the discussions about the future
“wannab” PostgreSQL database will move from debian-dak to here, and also
any other discussions about future improvements to the software.

Regarding requests for give-backs, etc., this is the new state of

    * Packages-arch-specific: still bug against ‘buildd.debian.org’

    * Bin-NMUs: still debian-release@lists.debian.org

    * Chroot problems, package priority issues: still <arch>@buildd.debian.org

    * Give-backs and dep-waits: debian-wb-team@lists.debian.org
      (including requests for experimental, but please mark them as such)

The last point should be an improvement over the previous state where
mailing <arch>@buildd.d.o, waiting, and then mailing debian-release was
the preferred approach. Since now we have a public list, interested
buildd admins will be able to follow it and act upon requests, but
people with global access will be able to do the same simultaneously.
Because of this, please always mention the architecture in the subject
of your mail.

Speaking of people with global access, we’re happy to announce that
we’ve recently added Kurt Roeckx to the “wb-all” Unix group, which gives
access to modifying the wanna-build database for all architectures. Kurt
has been an amd64 buildd admin since the port entered in Debian, and
he’ll be now proactively helping with general maintenance of the package
status databases, as well as with maintainer requests sent to the list.

Also, there have been a couple changes in the list of buildd maintainers
that have not been announced yet. Peter De Schrijver is taking care of
mips now, Martin Zobel-Helas of mipsel (as well as sparc, which he was
already doing), and Philipp Kern and Luk Claes are doing alpha whilst
the machines are prepared with new buildd and sbuild versions, at which
point will be hopefully handed to somebody else.

And that is all for now.

P.S.: A short pointer to this mail will be added to the DeveloperNews
wiki page for inclusion in the next issue.

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