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Re: Google Summer of Code 2009 at Debian needs you

* Obey Arthur Liu [Fri, 06 Mar 2009 19:18:57 +0100]:

Hello, Obey, thanks for your answers.

> > Hello, Obey, thanks for pushing this forward. I have a couple questions,
> > not having ever been involved with this.

> >> The important part of the 2009 edition of the Google Summer of Code is
> >> going to start next week with the Organizations application period
> >> (March 9th). By that time, we should have listed a reasonable number of
> >> ideas on the dedicated wiki page[2].

> > Is a list of ideas needed for the application, and/or something that
> > gets evaluated and hence something we need to worry about with some
> > urgency? (There's exactly one week until the organization application
> > period closes AFAICS.)

> The organization is supposed to have a list of ideas, but not
> necessarily exhaustive. Of course, because of the size and importance of
> Debian, we may get away with only a few ideas, but it makes us look bad.

Okay. We (the wanna-build maintainers) will be adding to the wiki at
least one item soon.

> More importantly, there's going to be a big rush of students looking at
> all the ideas list of all the organizations (they will be listed on the
> Google Summer of Code main page). If we have a limited ideas list, we
> may lose the interest of a lot of students, so it is important that we
> have a diversified list of ideas.
> d-d-a should be in order, soon, I think.

Right, good point. Not sure if there're other DDs working closely with
you on this. If you need sponsorship for your eventual post to d-d-a,
feel free to mail me a draft.

> Students send a proposal for each particular project they would want to
> do with their interpretation of the work needed, how they plan to do it,
> their experience, etc.

> Which student gets assigned to each project is a collective decision
> between prospective mentors, admins and interested parties on the Debian
> side. The final student/project pairs are then ranked and the list
> submitted to Google. Google then says: "We're going to fund the first X
> ones in your list".

> About the interviews, they should be done by mentors and admins again
> but the operational process hasn't been laid out yet. We'll figure that
> out when we start getting proposals from students.

This clears up things, thanks. I'm pleased to hear mentors have an
active role in the student assignation process. I think it's only
understandable one would want to take precautions the time spent
mentoring will be time well spent, and the result will be of
satisfactory quality!


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