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Re: Question about the amount of security updates available

On Monday 16 February 2009, Thomas Nguyen Van wrote:
> In our company, we hourly check security updates via the command
> "apt-get update" for several months.

You may have noticed that Lenny was released this weekend.
It seems to me that your /etc/apt/sources.list is probably not set up 
correctly and that your "security update" is actually a full upgrade to 
the new stable release. The "no public key" error would confirm that.

Please check if your sources.list refers to 'stable' instead of to the 
codename of the release you want to have installed, which would 
be 'etch'.

If you have not yet actually upgraded any packages, just replace 'stable' 
by 'etch' in your sources.list, run 'apt-get update', and your system 
should be fine again.

If you do want to upgrade to Lenny, I suggest to first read the Release 


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