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Re: A Tattoo

Amaya wrote:
Thiago Fazzio wrote:
Today i will make my first tattoo, and i will make the Debian Swirl Logo ...

Congratulations, welcome to the club.
Thee is several of us sporting WONDERFUL Debian swirls, tux penguins,
even gpg fingerprints.

Debian changes my life, for many ways, and now i will make this change
for ever on my left arm ... =]

I know what you mean.

Still i can use the complete Debian Logo on my tattoo, the swirl with
the Debian name ?

I think, if you are not a DD you can't use the black bottle, that is

I wanna make a tattoo completely correct.

IN tha case, worry about the tattoo artist. Nobody in the Debian Community will complain about a well done tattoo.

BTW, there was some preliminary discussion about changing the logo,
because swirl is too much simple (so difficult to enforce, a lot of
independent generated logo like our swirl.

OTOH the actual logo is so very well recognized, that an eventual future
logo should still include actual swirl, so you need eventually to upgrade
the tattoo in a bigger tattoo ;-)


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