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A Tattoo


Sorry for my english, i'm a Brasilian guy and learn english with myself, reading man pages and IT articles.

Today i will make my first tattoo, and i will make the Debian Swirl Logo ...

Debian changes my life, for many ways, and now i will make this change for ever on my left arm ... =]

But i have a question, sombebody help's me ? The Debian site is confusing me a litle bit ...

The Debian logo with de "Debian" name is under copyright, but only the swirl is like Debian, free ... is it ?

Still i can use the complete Debian Logo on my tattoo, the swirl with the Debian name ?

If the logo is copyrighted and have restricted use, somebody of debian project can give me a permission ?

I will make a tatoo in a few hours, hope somebody can answer e-mail in time.

I wanna make a tattoo completely correct.

So much thank's.


Thiago Fazzio
GNU/Linux - #449178
Powered by Debian!

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