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Re: A Tattoo

Thiago Fazzio wrote:
> Today i will make my first tattoo, and i will make the Debian Swirl Logo ...

Congratulations, welcome to the club.
Thee is several of us sporting WONDERFUL Debian swirls, tux penguins,
even gpg fingerprints.

> Debian changes my life, for many ways, and now i will make this change
> for ever on my left arm ... =]

I know what you mean.

> Still i can use the complete Debian Logo on my tattoo, the swirl with
> the Debian name ?

I think, if you are not a DD you can't use the black bottle, that is

> I wanna make a tattoo completely correct.

IN tha case, worry about the tattoo artist. 
Nobody in the Debian Community will complain about a well done tattoo. 

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