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Re: Discussion: Possible GR: Enhance requirements for General Resolutions

[Stephen Gran]
> That just means that the number of people who think the vote is even
> worth having is not that different to the number of votes required to
> make it valid.  That's probably not all that bad a thing, IMHO.

If that is sound reasoning, then it is also a reason to have a higher
number of required sponsors for amendments to foundation documents.
That said, I think I agree that 2Q is too high but current K is too
low.  (Split the difference?  Q + K/2....)

Another issue with raising the bar is that if you formally propose
something before it is fully ready, such that it will need two or three
small modifications, it would get very confusing who has seconded what
versions of the text - guaranteed great fun for the Secretary role.
Not a new issue, but it would get worse.  I suppose this would serve as
social engineering to encourage people to circulate drafts for awhile
before proposing them.
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