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Re: PATCH for spamass-milter to solve Debian list spam->bounce issue (Was:- Spamming the World through Open Debian Mailinglists....)

Hallo! Du (Michelle Konzack) hast geschrieben:

>In how many languages do you receive messages?
>I get german, english, french, spanish, portugues, arabic,  turkish  and
>persian messages
>Some times I get korean and chinese to because I have business contacts
>Tried to educate "spamassassin" for this kind of languages?

yes. we do that already. see
http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-listmaster/ which represents our
running Amavis/SA-setup.

>> They are not set high enough apparently, otherwise I would not get
>> unsubscribed. See your archives, then you can easily count the number of
>> spams and the amount.
>I think the threshold is at 5 bounces and then you  have  to  confirm  a
>message that the message was rejected in accident...

No. please don't speculate about things. This only confuses people.

I tried to describe the kick-policy at

I also understood that people want to have information about how many
bounces we counted for them. I'm just thinking about how to implement
that and will include that in the bounce-warning-message.


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