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Re: Debian should focus on common grounds ....

Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
> I am sick of seeing too many votes/policy-discussion/... to force other
> volunteers to obey particular action patters.  Basic principle of this
> project should be more inclusive one and volunteer one.  It should not
> be a one of exclusion and enforcement.  Volunteer project should be
> based on coercion.

I don't think coercion is a good thing and I don't think that to ask
other volunteers not to do particular acts is the same as "to force
other volunteers to obey".  This is what I thought "Nothing in this
constitution imposes an obligation on anyone to do work for the Project"

So, the rest of the argument falls because of the above mistake in the
first step.  However, the conclusion:-

> Exclusion attitudes will only narrow our user/developer base and
> benefits none of us whatever opinion we have.  We should thrive to find
> common ground.

shows that you can state a good conclusion despite a bad step.  Maybe
that conclusion is a common ground?

Best wishes,
MJ Ray (slef)
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