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Re: Voting on messages: a way to resolve the mailing list problems

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 05:02:23PM +0100, David Paleino wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 10:35:14 +0000, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> > I believe that at this point Nick Rusnov, John Goerzen and myself have 
> > expressed interest in working on the first stage of the project. If 
> > you have any ideas or comments - please share, we would also welcome 
> > your contribution if you decide to help out with it.
> I might be interested in joining too, but unfortunately I don't have a very
> stable internet connection (apart from two weeks starting from today). Would
> you mind setting up a wiki page with implementation details? Or a mailing list?
> Or anything else?

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has offered their 
insights. I've heard only one negative comment so far, and in 
response I would like to reiterate that the only current goal is to 
collect the data, the effort is driven by a small group of people, and 
not officially endorsed by the Debian project as a whole in any way. 
When/if the project will decide that this data can be potentially 
useful for some official purpose, I'm sure that every DD will be given 
a chance to express their opinion about it.

Another point is that most people are probably going to be pretty busy 
with holiday stuff over the last couple of weeks (I'm leaving for a 
two-week vacation myself tomorrow), so we'll have to get back to 
implementation details in the New Year. I was thinking about creating 
an Alioth project for it, but I'm open to other ideas.

Best regards,
Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                      KeyID: C99E03CC

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