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Where are the mails to my debian.org address?

[please Cc: to me because I am not subscribed to this list]

Can anyone tell me what is happening on my debian.org e-mail address
(oohara@debian.org)?  About a month ago most of the mails from that
address disappeared.  Now the only mails I receive from it are those
from the debian-private mailing list, which is strange considering
all the spams on the internet.  I can't even receive the mail I send
to oohara@debian.org.

I don't think this is a wrong configuration of mail forwarding.
The mail from change@db.debian.org says
emailForward: oohara@libra.interq.or.jp, which is a working address.

Oohara Yuuma <oohara@libra.interq.or.jp>

If we know when, can we do it right?
--- TAITO "Ray Crisis"

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