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Re: Call for vote (Re: call for seconds: on firmware)

On Fri, Dec 12 2008, Ean Schuessler wrote:

> Does 5 refer only to firmware that is not currently identified as
> being non-free? If that is the case, is 5 a viable choice? If it
> doesn't resolve the problem completely and allow us to release then it
> needs to be accompanied by a plan for the other problem
> firm/software. 

        I am not sure if we do have firmware that is known for a fact
 to be non-free; but if there is, this option does not allow us to ship
 it in main. If it did, it would have needed a 3:1 majority as well.

        I have a machine which does need non-free firmware-XXX packages
 for the network card, and the non-free firmwares on a usb stick solves
 the problem nicely. I don't think shippinf the firmware separately is a
 show stopper.


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