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Re: More frequent dinstall runs and mirror pushes

Joerg Jaspert wrote:

as the subject says, we are planning to increase the frequency of
dinstall[1] runs. Our current plan is to have 4 runs a day, switching
From the current [07|19]:52 schedule to the new [01|07|13|19]:52
schedule. All times are in UTC.

For the mirror network, this means two more pushes a day, but from
current experience this is manageable. If we ever go to more than four
runs our mirror network needs a different setup, as current rsync
deficiencies[2] do not easily allow more frequent pushes.

I plan to switch to the new schedule in 2 weeks.

But so it will add new "Packages.diff/ files" ?

I propose to do this after lenny release, when we will have
more packages in the queue, and possibly a new way to handle
the "Packages.diff/".
I don't think that such diffs are designed for a lot of updates.


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