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Re: Linux System Engineer (100%) in Zurich

First off, can we please refrain from uselessly crossposting? This
isn't a job offer, so it doesn't belong on -jobs. I'm not even
convinced that it belongs on -project, but I'll respond here once
since it's at least marginally related to the project. In the future,
if you have a concern about the management of the Debian mailing
lists, listmaster@l.d.o is the right place to contact.

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> I would very much appreciate, if Debian would not publish job offers
> that discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, disability,
> age, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Not only it is illegal
> in some countries, I find it highly inappropriate for our project.

If moderation was occuring before mailing list distribution, this
would be a requeest to consider. As there isn't, there's not much to
discuss. Please consider contacting privately those who post jobs
whose requirements you find objectionable and educating them with
regards to their local laws and/or your views of acceptable
organizational behavior instead.

Debian itself isn't publishing these offers, nor should you construe
any posting on any mailing list as an approval (or disapproval) of any
thought or ideal by the Debian project itself. Please feel free to
unsubscribe from mailing lists if this is problematic.

Don Armstrong
(for himself)
Who is thinking this?
I am.
 -- Greg Egan _Diaspora_ p38

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