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Re: Linux System Engineer (100%) in Zurich

On Wednesday 2008-11-26, martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach W. Martin Borgert <debacle@debian.org> [2008.11.25.2017 +0100]:

> > I would very much appreciate, if Debian would not publish job

> > offers that discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnic origin,

> > disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Not

> > only it is illegal in some countries, I find it highly

> > inappropriate for our project. Thanks for your attention.


> Wolfgang, please stop this. Putting a maximum age into a job

> description is standard practice because a company does not want to

> invest time and money into a new employee for various reasons, be

> they simple age and thus time left to work for the company,

> absorptive capacity, or company culture.

as to the invested time thing:

1) who's to say that the <35 year old won't leave in a year or two years


2) standard pension age is 65, working for the same company for 30+ years is

now unusual

-> if you want a garantee of time worked for time/money invested put it in

the contract (military does it around here for engineers they put through


As to company culture:

not everybody is typical of their age group, so judging 'fitting the company culture' purely by age is gonna lead to problems on both sides of the age line.

How about instead describing your company culture and adding a requirement that applicants fit in.

not sure what you mean by 'absorvative capacity'

> I know it's hip in Debian to point fingers and accuse people of

> discriminating, but please let's not lose touch with reality here,

> okay?


a particular act of discrimination might very well be defensible or even desirable, but that doesn't make the act any less discriminatory.

> This form of headless drive for "political correctness" on all

> levels and at all costs will simply decrease overall tolerance

> levels further. Calling something discriminatory is the easy way

> out.

In this case it's just calling a spade a spade. Of course it's just stating a fact and by itself that's not enought to get to a sensible conclusion.

> Judging whether it actually is, and dealing with it, is the

> hard bit, the one that requires (and builds) character.

the necessary judging isn't about it being discriminatory or not, but about wether particular act (disriminatory or not) is a good/acceptable thing.


Cheers, Cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)

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