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Re: Re: Debian Logo stoled

Hello Richard,

Richard Meredith wrote:
We have sent an email into Debian and kandath earlier today as I'm
unsure how to reply to Kandath's initial post on the matter, hopefully
the mailing list will can post our comments on our behalf.

Your message has indeed reached the list.

We take copyright very seriously at Twist Systems, so have thoroughly gone through all of the original inspirational files for this project to make sure that no theft has occurred. What is evident is our clients logo development was never influenced Fully or Partly by the Debian logo, this is the first time we have been made aware
of it's existence.

This is not surprising. Others have also created similar logos in the past completely independently. at least one such independeantly developed logo was nearly identical to the Debian logo. It happens.

We have all of the original files that were used to develop the logo's creation if they
were ever needed to be called upon for clarification.

That is a good thing to have. In this case there is almostly certainly no need to provide any further evidence. The Logo is definately not an exact duplicate, and it is being used for a very different market. As long as your client does not try to enter the computer or computer software markets, there is no real chance of customer confusion. I find it very unlikely that Pure Organic Baby Food Limited will be switching from the baby food market to the computer or software markets in the near future, so there is no issue.

Joe Smith

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