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Re: Re: Debian Logo stoled

Hello Lars,

thank you for your comments regarding the similarity of the Pure Organic and the Debian logo.

We have sent an email into Debian and kandath earlier today as I'm unsure how to reply to Kandath's initial post on the matter, hopefully the mailing list will can post our comments on our behalf.

We take copyright very seriously at Twist Systems, so have thoroughly gone through all of the original inspirational files for this project to make sure that no theft has occurred. What is evident is our clients logo development was never influenced Fully or Partly by the Debian logo, this is the first time we have been made aware of it's existence. We have all of the original files that were used to develop the logo's creation if they were ever needed to be called upon for clarification.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to execute original logo designs. No matter how clever your idea, the chances are someone has created a very similar logo. Why is that? We’re all surrounded by the same influences, exposed to the same shapes, forms and patterns. With the importance of branding in the marketplace, and thousands of designers working on similar projects, it’s obvious ideas will, from time-to-time, look almost identical.

We welcome your feedback.

Diolch / Thanks

Richard Meredith
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