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Re: giving @debian.org mail addresses to voting contributors

On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 02:07:16AM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> The idea for contributor.d.o includes either to reserve all existing
> debian.org UIDs within the @contributor.d.o namespace or activate
> them as forwarding or giving people the choice to activate or
> whatever.

What about the other direction?

Would names@contributor.d.o reserved as names@debian.org? If so it
will be in fact a single namespace (due to isomorphism), if not
@contributor.d.o might be requested to change nick while gaining
access to @debian.org, which is not that nice, and I don't think we
should be that worried to loose @debian.org entries.

> > As a consequence of that reasoning, why not giving plain @debian.org
> > mail addresses to voting contributors?
> Well, different weight. To be able to clearly seperate (using the terms
> of my much-discussed text) "is a DC/DM" and "is a DME/DD". Basically
> the look to the outside (press, users, etc), if a DC/DM writes something
> it is less binding to the project than if a DME/DD writes something.
> IMO.

Yes, surely it is a matter of weight.  But I see a continuous with our
current situation and the proposals you have been pushing for.

For instance do we have different mail domains for DDs with different
access rights (leader, DAM, CTTE, ...)? We don't, we just happen to
have the rule that everybody with upload rights has the right to have
its own @debian.org address. As a rule it seems quite arbitrary,
doesn't it?

The most natural alternative IMO is then creating a big bucket
containing everybody that the Debian project has identified as
identifier contributors which share its principles. Hence, @debian.org
for Debian Contributors "and up".


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