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Re: giving @debian.org mail addresses to voting contributors

>> Why not @people.debian.org ? It represents pretty good what thoses
>> eventual "contributors" would: the _people_ who make Debian.
> In fact, I've already argued in this thread that @whatever.debian.org
> will need nevertheless to share the namespace with @debian.org
> domain. (I.e., I don't want someone to steal "my"
> zack@contributor.debian.org, nor a contributor probably won't to
> change nickname if he eventually becomes full blown DD.)

The idea for contributor.d.o includes either to reserve all existing
debian.org UIDs within the @contributor.d.o namespace or activate them
as forwarding or giving people the choice to activate or whatever.

> As a consequence of that reasoning, why not giving plain @debian.org
> mail addresses to voting contributors?

Well, different weight. To be able to clearly seperate (using the terms
of my much-discussed text) "is a DC/DM" and "is a DME/DD". Basically
the look to the outside (press, users, etc), if a DC/DM writes something
it is less binding to the project than if a DME/DD writes something.

bye, Joerg
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