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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership

On Sat, Oct 25 2008, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> Le samedi 25 octobre 2008 à 01:12 -0500, Manoj Srivastava a écrit :
>>         One of the issues I have with this proposal is that there seems
>>  to be, by design, absolutely no consideration about skill levels or
>>  quality of developers. I'll concede that the current process might not
>>  do a great job of assessing quality of contribution, but it tries. The
>>  new process does not seem to have any such effort.
> On the contrary, peer review is the only process we have today that
> correctly asses quality.
> Require DD endorsement to be justified, as well as the veto, and you’ll
> get a picture of the skills of the candidate.

        Then I would like to see some language like this added to the
 proposal. If for nothing else, then to dispell the spectre  of a bunch
 (cabal, if you prefer) DD's just inviting their cronies into Debian, by
 lowering the bar on skill levels.

        I also think there might be the facebook/social site effect:
 without the active requirements on advocacy (the justification you talk
 about), people can feel pressurred to advocate (I get all these link
 request on linked in. some from people I have no idea about. I have
 rejected two or three of these things, but usually I just vote to let
 them in into my circle of "friends". Why? because the cost of saying
 yes is so low, and  I do not want to piss off someone who might later
 be in a position to help me [think DAM]).

        Now, I might be getting too paranoid about potential for
 cronyism (am I channeling Clint?), but I do think some language should
 be added about the voting.

        There should be, for example, required sections about skill
 sets, and how the advocate personally knows about it, sections on
 previous work done for debian, and a section on collegiality (he gets
 along well, does not blow his top).

        I think such clarifications on the justification for voting in
 or vetoing would improve this proposal.

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