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Re: It's all about trust at Debian Project

I have read the posts about this long awaited subject discussion.
(please, forgive my poor english, and ask for details)
Interesting ideas to register, already posted by others:
- Simplify things. 
  * There are too much overloaded people already. Teams should be
  * There are too few people in charge of too important things yet. Bus
  * NM long and detailed; and still does not guarantee trust.
- Fewer titles (2). Instead use of roles/ profiles/ permissions (chosen
names are open for discussion). 
   * DC (no vote)
       +Coder = DM 
   * DMe (vote)
       +Coder = DD (with progressive upload rights?)
As DD is a stablished name, it could be DMe and DD able to vote. Or
stick with DD name, specifying if could upload or not when needed.
- Starting with an empty keyring for adding active people (staged?)
- No obligatory voting (very ugly side effects at Brasil), but some
other method for disabling rights for inactive, MIA, until they request
or self reactivate their rights.
- No keyring removal of MIA, but disabling rights until requesting
- There are *very skilled* contributors at other knowledge areas in need
at Debian Project, other than coding.
- There are very *committed* contributors, not being coders, and aligned
with Debian Project values.
- Trust is built with committment, some time, and some check points and
public track record.
- The public track record of technical and other kinds of contributions
could be checked and count at the NM (or NC) also for time.
- Progressively receiving rights.

I hope these could evolve to an improved proposal.

> Could you point to some non-programmers contributors that would be
> interested into that process?

I am one of them. 
At Debian Publicity Team may be there others.
I would like to start "in steps" because of the study time needed to
become a full DD. I am raising my kid and time never goes back. 
I already have a signed GPG, access to one machine only for my tasks at
Publicity Team, already co-maintain upstream deb package outside Debian
repository, and use it for use case to maintaining advanced packaging
doc at wiki.d.o, and I am at Debian Partner Team. A curious situation. I
am coding _outside_ Debian Project (package, code, sysadmin, at day
job), but i am contributing at _other areas_ inside Debian Project.
A few days ago, my lack of a @d.o address and DD keyring entry needed
intervention of our Team leader.
So, I am needing some kind of formal status in order to accomplish my
current tasks at Debian Project.
This discussion is of direct interest for me.
Andre Felipe Machado

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