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Re: It's all about trust


On 24/10/08 at 21:59 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> As such I really don't buy that all DD should be equal when it comes to
> technical work however I do think we have to move in the direction where
> we broaden our membership to new kind of contributors and that all
> contributors should have the possibility to request all kinds of
> privileges (mainly vote right, limited upload right, full upload right,
> right to grant privileges to others). The set of contributors with
> the right to grant privileges to others could be called "Debian Community
> Managers" and would only comprise very skilled and dedicated members. This
> group would replace the NM team and would grant/retire privileges
> according to their own judgment and a set of reasonable rules to
> define. The initial set of community managers would be designated by a
> vote. Ideally the group of community managers would evolve
> to cover all the main teams of Debian so that for any privilege request we
> have one or more members that are well placed to evaluate the work of
> others.

What you want to do is to create a small group of DDs, called "Debian
Community Managers", that would have super-powers and be able to manage
the rights of other DDs.

Something I really like in Debian is that it tries to keep everybody at
the same level. Sure, some people have special privileges, but they are
usually necessary to accomplish special tasks, and those tasks are often
not very fun ones.

Your proposal changes that, by creating a group of super-DDs who
wouldn't have any special task to do, except exercise their super-DD
powers. That sounds like a perfect role to have for power-hungry people,
but also like something that could create huge feelings of unfairness,
jealousy, etc.

Since apparently, the NM process doesn't allow people to trust new DDs
anymore, I would prefer to move to a system where trust comes from the
fact that a large number of normal DDs advocated someone (like what Lars
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