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Re: FSF not considering Debian as Free (Re: Debian and non-free)

Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> domain name hosting non-free. Richard Stallman wrote:
>> Thus, the debian.org site and the software in it should not refer to the
>> existence of non-free.org in such a way as to suggest getting non-free
>> software from there.
>> I tried for years to convince Debian to do this, but I did not succeed.
> Translated to the current way things are done, this means that according  
> to Richard, the Debian website or Debian refer to the existence of the  
> non-free component in a way that suggests getting non-free software from  
> there.
> I'm very curious what part of the website or Debian would be doing this  
> for years, but I guess someone could ask Richard.

non-free is mentioned on packages.debian.org
non-free is mentioned in release documentation
non-free is mentioned during the installer for users to add (I think)



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