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Re: Debian and non-free

David Paleino wrote:
> Probably :)
> If I were a DD (-- and I'm NM), I'd think a bit more before proposing a GR to
> *completely* remove non-free. Non-free is, for some users, necessary (I'd
> happily --purge flashplugin-nonfree, but I can't -- I need it [work,
> university, $foo]).

> Instead of removing non-free, I'd support the idea of non-free.org, and if that
> will make the FSF endorse us again, why not? :)

I wonder if the FSF will ignore the fact that Debian has removed non-free
documentation from its distribution that the FSF considers free, i.e. their
own documentation distributed under the - under Debians view - non-free
GNU FDL.  Can or will they endorse a distribution that strips off their
own documentation?

> Non-free is there just because the free counterparts aren't optimal. Someday
> these will, and non-free will just disappear from Debian :)

Non-free is for GNU documentation.




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