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Re: Debian and non-free

* David Paleino:

> Thus, are we supporting non-free?

In the sense that the project uses its resources to maintain and
distribute non-free packages?  Sure.

In the sense that non-free packages receive security support, release
management, and so on?  No.

> I've always believed (read it somewhere, maybe a GR, or some thread on -devel,
> or just inferred from the above point, can't really say what, sorry) that we're
> just providing *some* infrastructure to non-free (such as BTS and lists.d.o),
> but not others (like buildds, for example, or security updates). All this just
> to support *our* *users*, not non-free itself. Am I wrong?

I think it boils down to what you mean by "support".  non-free is
certainly a second-class citizen in the Debian Republic (perhaps even

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