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Re: Debian and non-free

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:11:03 -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Sep 2008, David Paleino wrote:
> > "Thus, although non-free works are not a part of Debian, we *SUPPORT*
> > *THEIR* *USE* and provide infrastructure for non-free packages (such as our
> > bug tracking system and mailing lists)."
> We're providing support for the use of non-free works which we
> distribute in non-free in the part of our mailing lists, bug tracking
> system, and archive. That is to say, infrastructure, packaging, and
> the corresponding human investment that goes along with them.

Probably what I cited above might have a better wording. In fact, it seems like
Debian is "supporting the use of non-free software". We could use something

"Thus, although non-free works are not a part of Debian, we support their
users and provide infrastructure for non-free packages [..]."

(I'm not a native speaker, that might be better worded)

Would that be clearer?

> This doesn't mean that we support the use of non-free when there are free
> alternatives available. We aren't supporting the use of non-free
> packages over equivalent free packages. [I'd like to think that we'd
> consider it a bug to distribute a non-free package which has a
> total-functionality replacement free packages (or perhaps even
> majority-functionality replacement).]

This is what I wanted to hear (er.. read) :)


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