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Re: package maintainer contact lists and their posting policy

This one time, at band camp, Luk Claes said:
> Jonas Meurer wrote:
> > As I think that the current situation is not acceptable, I suggest that
> > alioth admins overwrite the current posting policy for pkg-grub-devel.
> Wrong, alioth admins should make sure the default is sane, but they
> shouldn't overwrite current policies unless requested/acked by the
> listmaster or project admin IMHO.

With my alioth-adm hat on, I'm going to say I agree with Luk.  I don't
see the point of overriding a maintainer about how they handle their
project, especially when I know they are active in the project.  I also
agree that the list should not be subscriber only, but you can't force
people to act sanely.
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