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Re: package maintainer contact lists and their posting policy

Jonas Meurer wrote:
> Hello,
> I discovered that pkg-grub-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org rejects any
> mails from non-subscribers even though the address is listed as
> maintainers contact address for grub packages in Debian. This topic has
> already been discussed in the past, and to my knowledge it has been
> agreed that the described situation is not an option.


> I discussed the issue with Robert Millan and others in #debian-devel on
> IRC. Unfortunately Robert seems rather ignorant about this issue. 
> As I think that the current situation is not acceptable, I suggest that
> alioth admins overwrite the current posting policy for pkg-grub-devel.

Wrong, alioth admins should make sure the default is sane, but they
shouldn't overwrite current policies unless requested/acked by the
listmaster or project admin IMHO.

If we are not able to contact the maintainer via the address mentioned
in the Maintainer field in unstable, we normally open a bug to change
the address in the next address as changing it is not possible without
an upload. If the maintainer does not (intend to) change the Maintainer
field in a reasonable timeframe while it lists an address that is not
usable (enough), I would argue that the package should be orphaned.



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