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Re: transfering files between *.debian.org hosts (was: people.debian.org to move to ravel)

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 02:32:08PM +0200, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> - setup afs
>   Using AFS would allow us to use a shared /afs/debian.org tree on all
>   our systems.  AFS does all the magic crypto stuff so you don't have to
>   worry about Eve sniffing or Mallory tampering with packets.
>   Setting up AFS is a big chunk of work.  It would require us first to
>   setup a kerberos realm, to integrate it into ud-ldap so that new krb
>   principals are created with ud-ldap users, and that ud-ldap users can
>   set krb passwords, which probably should be different from their ldap
>   password.
>   On the user side once logged in you'd have to get a kerberos ticket
>   using your krb password, then alog to get access to your
>   /afs/debian.org/transfer/$user or whatever.
>   We will not put homedirs onto AFS (that would completely torpedo the
>   initial goal), it would simply provide a transfer area.
>   pros: + AFS is cool

That's never been a very good reason, IMO. But, hey, I won't deny it,
either ;-)

>         + once we have a krb realm we could maybe also use it for other
>           stuff like all those web services that require logins.  How
>           good is krb support in browsers these days?

Pretty good. Konqueror supports it out of the box, iceweasel only
requires you to edit the 'network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris'
about:config variable, and then it works well, too. Dunno about other

(for some infathomable reason, the firefox developers consider Negotiate
authentication to be unsafe with untrusted and/or non-SSL hosts. Dunno
why that is, and never saw a compelling argument...)

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