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Re: About the use of epicene "they" in technical documents.

* Andreas Tille [Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:15:56 +0200]:

> Yes, and the funny thing about this is that I've always seen men very engaged
> in this kind of discussion and I have the boring feeling that they are using
> this as kind of excuse for not doing something else to make sitation of genders
> equal.

Whoa, is that a feeling or an accusation?

And about doing something else, I personally think my time in this
thread is time well spent.

> So I'm not willing to play stupid tricks on the language until I see
> any evidence that the situation of woman became better because of doing this.

They may be stupid tricks for you, but they sure are not for many other
people, of all genders altogether. Also, if my first-hand experiences in
other matters count, having people from the other side of the fence
stand up besides you /already/ makes the situation better. (Everybody's
MMV, of course.)

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