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Re: confusion about non-free (Re: Bits from the Debian Eee PC team, summer 2008)

* Robert Millan [Mon, 04 Aug 2008 21:17:20 +0200]:

> Just to make it clear, please don't take it as if I were recriminating
> something to you.

Pero qué coño de vergüenza tienes tú.

How do you have the balls to say that this message:


is not to be taken as recriminating something to Ben?

> It wasn't my intention at all to hurt someone, so I said things in the
> kindest way I could, without getting personal.

If "Check the Social Contract" is as kind as you can get and, much more
importantly, upon reading Ben say he feels *hurt*, all you can do is go
la-la la-la "this wasn't personal" on him, instead of starting your
message with a big apology, then I'll try my best to be kind: you suck.

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