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Re: Getting Spidered and Spammed via Debian

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 09:25:25 -0400, Stuart Cudlitz wrote:

> I admire your work but I am getting spidered and spammed with
> pornographic material via your data base and users. Please investigate
> this mattter.
> A sample from Google search below shows where some bogus character
> "Fortunato.manderville" claims to have a mailbox at my site which is not
> possible as this is private site, non-commercial and privately hosted.
> The trail led back to you.

Looks like this is due to this message:


I have reported it as spam so presumably it will disappear from the BTS 
soon. Then it is up to whoever runs asdfasdf.debian.net to regenerate 
their pages.

> Regrads,
> Stuart Cudlitz


Sam Morris
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