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Re: Happy with Debian

* Joshua Kubli (the_juggler_01@yahoo.com) wrote:
> I wanted you to know that, since installing Debian on my laptop, I ahve been nothing but happy with it.
> I am mostly a Linux noob. I work in IT, but my main Linux exposure has been taking a 1-term college class on Red Hat 9, and another on Solaris.  After torrenting the 4 DVDs, the installation procedure was simple and straightforward, the package selection truly amazing (even if it is 4 DVDs :) ).
> I recently wrote a paper for a technical writing class; my paper was written to a hypothetical IT manager, convincing her/him to switch from Windows to Debian.  The amount of documentation that exists for Debian made my paper a breeze.
> Finally, I was impressed enough with Debian to donate to the cause (and I am notoriously cheap!).  If I can get NDiswrapper to work with my laptop's onboard or USB wireless cards, then it will most likely be goodbye to Windows forever.

Pleased to hear you like Debian, so do I! :)

Just some ideas from my experience that might be helpful for you:

If you haven't already, sign up to the debian-user list, its much higher 
volume than debian-project, which is mainly used to discuss overall project 
matters such as policy, procedure, licensing, and organisational matters. 
On debian-user, your sure to get a fast response most of the time. 

You might want to setup a filter to put all mailing list traffic into its 
own folder however, as debian-user is quite high volume. 

To save downloading the DVD's, you can install from the Netinst image, which
is less than 200Mb's provided that you have an internet connection over
ethernet and Debian can detect it (which it probably will). Then, Debian 
will pull only the packages that it needs from mirrors to install on your
system with your preferences - smaller download.  

With regards to your wireless card issue - send something through to the
debian-user list and see how you go; make sure you include information about 
the type of card:

Typing the following into the console will probably tell you:

lspci |grep -i wireless

Jaime Tarrant
 http://www.tarsysco.com    jaime.tarrant@tarsysco.com

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