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Happy with Debian

I wanted you to know that, since installing Debian on my laptop, I ahve been nothing but happy with it.

I am mostly a Linux noob. I work in IT, but my main Linux exposure has been taking a 1-term college class on Red Hat 9, and another on Solaris.  After torrenting the 4 DVDs, the installation procedure was simple and straightforward, the package selection truly amazing (even if it is 4 DVDs :) ).

I recently wrote a paper for a technical writing class; my paper was written to a hypothetical IT manager, convincing her/him to switch from Windows to Debian.  The amount of documentation that exists for Debian made my paper a breeze.

Finally, I was impressed enough with Debian to donate to the cause (and I am notoriously cheap!).  If I can get NDiswrapper to work with my laptop's onboard or USB wireless cards, then it will most likely be goodbye to Windows forever.

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