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Re: my treatment in #debian

>As a regular in #debian (on OPN/freenode) for over 5 years and a
>contributor to the debian project, one would expect that I would be
>treated slightly better by the ops than random newbies.

As a regular in #debian on freenode for over 5 year, you should know that:

A) you should not get into arguments about Australian tax law in #debian
B) That you shouldn't call people morons in #debian
C) That you shouldn't call people morons in #debian right after I told
you not to call people morons in #debian
D) debian-project is not the right place to address this type of problem.  If
you have a problem with the way I am acting as an operator in #debian,
bring it up in #debian-ops or talk directly to dondelelcaro who has
authority over me in such matters.


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