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my treatment in #debian

As a regular in #debian (on OPN/freenode) for over 5 years and a
contributor to the debian project, one would expect that I would be
treated slightly better by the ops than random newbies.

That, however, is not the case. "stew" (Mike O'Connor) seems to have
some personal vendetta against me and will silence me at the slightest
mention of something negative about anyone else. When a newbie insults
me, however, there are no consequences. When I complain about this
treatment, I get silenced. Sometimes, my entire company, ITA Software
(approx 500 people), is silenced, and the developers here are active
debian users and supporters to a large degree, particlularly the ones
with the most linux experience here.

I do not understand what I have done to make stew so opposed to me
personally, and many regulars can attest to my contributions to the
channel over the years. A good number of those regulars were
originally newbies and gained their respect for me through my
guidance, which, while harsh at times, was what made them learn debian
effectively enough to become helpful contributors to #debian, in
turn. If this is how regulars are to be treated in a quasi-official
debian support forum, I am not sure what kind of message the debian
project is trying to send. Maybe I am just not wanted in the debian
community, and I should refrain from contributing.

Rahul Jain
debian user and advocate since 2000
contributor to the debian installer and common lisp packaging

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