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Re: dopewars do we need such a game in debian distribution?

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Frans Pop wrote:

/me always semi-enjoys the fact that suggestions like the one that started
the thread always end up making people aware of a game they did not before
knew existed.

Would be interesting to compare the popcon scores for the game for this
month and next month. All we need at this point is for some people to start
blogging about the discussion.

/me agrees with the original poster that DDs _could_ have spent their time
otherwise better than maintaining questionable games, but because they are
free to spend their time in whatever they want I would hate if people
(including myself when just writing this mail) now spent even more time
in discussing issues how people should better spend their time.
So could we just stop here?

At least you are right that the game could not have had a better
advertising than this.  I'm happy that I feel quite resistant against
any advertising. :)

Kind regards



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