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Re: dopewars do we need such a game in debian distribution?

Hi Stephen,
* Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> [2008-02-27 16:40]:
> This one time, at band camp, Christof Adams said:
> > 	I am a long time user of debian. In the updating  process i found the 
> > programm "dopewars" you maintain.  As a user i much apreciate the work of 
> > volunteers like you in the packing and handling of the debian software 
> > packages.
> > 
> > But do we really need a game like this in the debian distribution, given the 
> > casualties and problems which drugs, there use and the dealing cause.
> > 
> > Please think over it and remove this package and others with comparable 
> > content. You might find other packages which deserve your time better.
> I think it is useful to remember that many people have different
> thresholds for what they find offensive or funny.  So far, it has been
> Debian's policy to allow software into the distribution provided there is
> someone to maintain it (caveats about varying levels of maintainership
> aside).  We are too broad a project to have a single set of values,
> and I think it wouldn't be all that useful to try to impose one.

At least w3bfukk0r was not allowed 
to get into the archive because of its offensive name and 
hot-babe also never made its way into the archive.

Kind regards
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