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Re: dopewars do we need such a game in debian distribution?

This one time, at band camp, Christof Adams said:
> Hallo Francois,
> 	I am a long time user of debian. In the updating  process i found the 
> programm "dopewars" you maintain.  As a user i much apreciate the work of 
> volunteers like you in the packing and handling of the debian software 
> packages.
> But do we really need a game like this in the debian distribution, given the 
> casualties and problems which drugs, there use and the dealing cause.
> Please think over it and remove this package and others with comparable 
> content. You might find other packages which deserve your time better.

I think it is useful to remember that many people have different
thresholds for what they find offensive or funny.  So far, it has been
Debian's policy to allow software into the distribution provided there is
someone to maintain it (caveats about varying levels of maintainership
aside).  We are too broad a project to have a single set of values,
and I think it wouldn't be all that useful to try to impose one.

Just my thoughts, and thanks for your interest.
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