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Re: violence - take 2

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:

> AIUI Patrick Frank has threatened legal action against OFTC, so OFTC
> is currently refusing to serve him.

The legal threat is open, because:

- network representatives of OFTC abused positions and priviledges
  in private battles against my person

  connections were terminated without any policy violation
  connections were terminated as virtual "punch in the face"
  connections were terminated because its fun to do

- OFTC is considered to be a so called public communication network

- to public communication networks that are hosted - at least in parts
  on german grounds applies the german legislation

- according to german legislation a public communication network can
  deny acess only under certain circumstances

- such circumstances are not pure dislike of person or opinion

Again the background story:

Certain Debian Developers started to feel hate for my person because
I comlained in public about the social violence that took place on
channels that were controlled by them.

The starting point was on Freenode. How certain Debian Developers
caused a split off from Frenode, how they promoted their hobby net
OFTC to become the official home of Debian, all that can be reviewed
on the Web.
Also on the Web was a lot of defacements targeted at Rob Levin who
founded Freenode. The driving force were the same people who play
defacements and the cabal game against me.

The reason why they do it is founded by their anti social nature.
Anti social personalities defend other anti social personalities by
doing anti social things.

The game was:

The Debian Project Leader claimed the Debian project has nothing to
do with problems that happen on any #debian* channel on any IRC net.

The OFTC representatives claimed they have no business with problems
that happen on any of their channels.

SPI Inc. claimed they have no business with problems that happen on
networks that are sponsored and run by them.

Now follow the white rabbit.
What is the OFTC network.
What is SPI Inc.
Who are the network representatives of OFTC.
You end up with a short list of names who all are Debian Developers.

Since 3-4 years I try to find the right people who finally stop the
violent behaviour of certain Debian Developers.

I admit that I was pretty helpless at some point in time.

The legal threat was never a real danger to anybody, because I
simply dont have the money to take this to court for clearance.

Knowing this fact made the cabal game even more fun for certain
Debian Developers. Its a battle of certain people with unequal
weapons. And every Debian Developer who is throwing mud in my 
direction should be aware in what context this happens.

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