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Re: violence - take 2

Patrick Frank <paddy.frank@web.de> wrote: [...]
> - according to german legislation a public communication network can
>   deny acess only under certain circumstances
> - such circumstances are not pure dislike of person or opinion

I think this legislation is harmonised across the European Union by
2002/22/EC, 2002/58/EC, and others.  Such circumstances include
prevention of "malicious or nuisance calls" being sent over their
network, which I think was the claim here.  (They also include
unsolicited direct marketing, national security, court orders,
prevention or detection of crime, and so on.) I don't know whether or
not it applies to OFTC.

Even if it applies, before appealing to legislation, one should
complete the network operator's complaints procedure.  Did you
complete the OFTC complaints procedure, which I think is run by their

> What is the OFTC network.
> What is SPI Inc.
> Who are the network representatives of OFTC.
> You end up with a short list of names who all are Debian Developers.

That is true of some other organisations, but it does not give debian
much direct influence over some of them.  The available sanctions are
blunt and will not resolve that situation with OFTC.  So, these
threads are just so much pain for DDs and an illustration of why we
need better list management for all posters, not just DDs.

> weapons. And every Debian Developer who is throwing mud in my 
> direction should be aware in what context this happens.

It would probably help that if context was linked in these complaints,
such as References headers, archive http links, and so on.  Especially
in things like this IRC complaint, which I'm sure was discussed before.

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