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Re: violence - take 2

Before anybody even considers using public defacements like
"paddy is a troll, lets hunt him"
you should be aware of context.

The context is certain Debian Developers playing the cabal game,
not only recently, but starting 3-4 years ago.

The situation that started the hunt for the paddy was my public
complaints on #debian.de on irc.freenode.net about the social
violence that was present. This social violence was targeted at
the most vulnerable and most helpless people: the newbies

My complaints to the Freenode Staff Team were not heard, because
Rob Levin himself was under fire by those people who founded
irc.oftc.net as so called anti-lilo network. Details to prove
my claims can be delivered if that is required.

The excuse of the Freenode Staff Team for not taking action
against the violent behaviour of several Debian Developers was
the dull statement "This is IRC. Deal with it. Staff never 
interfers with channel matters."

As this problem was never resolved properly a lot of people had
no other choice than going violent themselves.

Since my claims are still standing after 3-4 years that some
people have to fix their anti social personality problems in
a different way than abusing other people on IRC, the addressed
Debian Developers see the need to play the cabal game.

Defacements and playing the cabal game due to the inability to
fix ego problems.

Its the choice of every single Debian Developer to join this
game or to help fix social problems.

Your call.

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