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Re: violence - take 2

Patrick Frank wrote:
> Before anybody even considers using public defacements like
> "paddy is a troll, lets hunt him"
> you should be aware of context.

A part of the context is that the OFTC IRC-network doesn't want you on
their network... Even if Debian has strong links with the IRC network,
you are complaining in the wrong forum...

> The context is certain Debian Developers playing the cabal game,
> not only recently, but starting 3-4 years ago.
> The situation that started the hunt for the paddy was my public
> complaints on #debian.de on irc.freenode.net about the social
> violence that was present. This social violence was targeted at
> the most vulnerable and most helpless people: the newbies

You are talking about a different IRC network over here...

> My complaints to the Freenode Staff Team were not heard, because
> Rob Levin himself was under fire by those people who founded
> irc.oftc.net as so called anti-lilo network. Details to prove
> my claims can be delivered if that is required.

The OFTC network is not anti Freenode, get your facts straight...

> The excuse of the Freenode Staff Team for not taking action
> against the violent behaviour of several Debian Developers was
> the dull statement "This is IRC. Deal with it. Staff never 
> interfers with channel matters."

You're again talking about a different IRC network...

> As this problem was never resolved properly a lot of people had
> no other choice than going violent themselves.

Doing wrong because others do wrong, doesn't make right...

> Since my claims are still standing after 3-4 years that some
> people have to fix their anti social personality problems in
> a different way than abusing other people on IRC, the addressed
> Debian Developers see the need to play the cabal game.

You having problems with some individuals doesn't make it a Debian
problem. You wanting to escalate it to 2 IRC networks and the Debian
project tells more about yourself than about the individuals you claim
to be anti social...

> Defacements and playing the cabal game due to the inability to
> fix ego problems.

Accusations like this are not going to help anything AFAIK...

> Its the choice of every single Debian Developer to join this
> game or to help fix social problems.
> Your call.

Is it, it looks more like it's your call on how you want to interact
with your so called cabal...



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