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why privacy is mandatory

Martin Schulze wrote:


> On several IRC channels it is a requirement to reveal the realname.


> If one does not like such rules, they are free to not join such
> meetings.

First of all I want to thank you. You were not trying to feed me
with violent behaviour till the self full-filling prophecy shows.
I value that.

And with your points I fully agree.

But lets have a look at http://pastebin.ca/885288 again and see how
HennaX started the chat when he joined that channel. He asked if he
has to reveal private data. A person answered him that he does not
have to if he does not want to. Nowhere is said that sociopaths will
go and chop off his head. The reason why people dont want to reveal
private and sensible data on the Internet is well explained by the
violent behaviour of vorlon and helix. They showed clearly that they
are not able to handle such private and sensible data as they used
it later in defacements and attacks.

What sane person would trust such people?

The reason for the abuse was not a missing introduction. Because
HennaX asked in the beginning if that is a requirement. The reason
was that some people had the feeling that HennaX talks too much for
somebody who is not well known as hacker.
And they were not capable of communicating that in a non-violent
way, because they have a tendency to be anti social personalities.
They had to use defacements and attacks.
Its their destructive nature.

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