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Re: why privacy is mandatory

Eeric Evans wrote:
Martin Schulze wrote:


On several IRC channels it is a requirement to reveal the realname.


If one does not like such rules, they are free to not join such
But lets have a look at http://pastebin.ca/885288 again and see how
HennaX started the chat when he joined that channel. He asked if he
has to reveal private data. A person answered him that he does not
have to if he does not want to. Nowhere is said that sociopaths will
This looks like confirmation that vorlon was right to
mistrust HennaX as a female.

What sane person would trust such people?

At least you recognize trust as a foundation issue.  It has
been suggested that you are just a troll.  Your example
shows that vorlon did not trust HennaX and now you
want others to accept your conclusion that vorlon is
untrustworthy.  Yet you fail to provide a reason why
we should trust you.  The sane people in the Debian
community are not in danger.  I can tolerate their
ability to handle these issues.


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