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Re: please explain this violence

Jonathan Kermack wrote:
> Stephen Gran, you Admin and Developer,
> your social environment seems not familiar with
> the trivial logic, that aggressions cause new
> aggressions.
> Everybody who uses dull defacements on official
> mailing lists will give birth to 1 more person
> who holds a mirror up into your face.
> Stop being a social retard in the name of Debian.
> Stop causing mud fights in the name of Debian.
> Learn to behave in a non-violent way.

One thing that will build up a barrier in many people, especially
during online conversation without direct physical interaction, is
telling others what they have to do.  Offending others, with or
without intention, does contribute to this.

Looking at the quoted mail, I don't believe it was overly helpful.

Looking at what has caused this most recent situation:

One may not like this but certain communication environments have
their own rules.  On several IRC channels it is a requirement to
reveal the realname.  On other channels it is a requirement to
introduce oneself when taking part in a conversation and staying for
more than five minutes.  For several meetings in a pub or with
colleagues it is a requirement to reveal ones realname.  On LUG
meetings it is a requirement to introduce oneself.  Other meetings may
be totally anonymous.  Often it is considered unfriendly to not reveal
ones identity.

If one does not like such rules, they are free to not join such



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